Welcome to the Department of Home Economics and Ecology, HAROKOPIO UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS.

The Harokopio University and the Department of Home Economics (since 1999 renamed as Economy and Ecology Department) was established in 1993. The Department of Home Economics and Ecology of Harokopio University, adapting the basic consideration of dealing with the  primary economic unit, the family, as well as its interaction with both the physical and man made environment, modifies its aims according to the ever changing economic, social and cultural situation.

The curriculum of the Department of Home Economics and Ecology, according to its internal rules of operation (FEK. 764, Vol. B / 30.9.1993), is divided in two main directions:

1. Educational Home Economics

2. Human Ecology

The Programme of Studies of the Department of Home Economics and Ecology of Harokopio University primarily aims at the promotion and provision of top quality knowledge and is designed to focus on ‘man’ as its basic consideration; whether they live in an urban or rural environment. Its criteria are the sum of the decisions of the latter and the interweaving of their activities that directly comply with the natural environment.  More specifically, it combines different scientific areas and subjects in applied economics, environmental studies, rural policies and development, health education, nutrition, culture, psychology and paedagogy. The department encourages the development of cooperation with other faculties / departments both within Greece and abroad. Under - graduate studies in the department last for four academic years.

Aiming at establishing top quality educational services, the department encourages research at post-graduate level by running two post-graduate programmes of studies on "Sustainable Development"; specializing in consumer’s behaviour, local development and environmental management and on "Education and Culture"; specializing in Educational Psychology and Educational Practice, Educational Units Training and Management, Education and Culture.

You can find a short presentation of the Department here. The old website of the Department is here.


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