The Department’s Internship Program


Brief history

In 1999, the Internship Program (Practical Exercise/Placement) in the Department of Home Economics and Ecology was instituted with the form of pedagogical courses taking place in Secondary Education Schools. In 2005-2008, the Internship Program encompassed more public and private sector’s agents (Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training, EPEAEK II, Third Community Support Framework). In July 2011, the Internship Program of the Department of Home Economics and Ecology was included in the framework of the Operational Program "Education and Lifelong Learning" (NSRF [ESPA] 2007-2013) entitled "Internship Program/Practical Exercise of Harokopio University", with a duration from 1/10/2010 to 30/10/2015.

Today, the Internship Program for the students is implemented within the framework of the Program "HAROKOPIO UNIVERSITY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM/PRACTICAL EXERCISE OF HIGHER EDUCATION" of the Operational Program "HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION AND LIFELONG LEARNING 2014-2020" of the Ministry of Economy and Development, co-funded by the European Social Fund and national resources.


The features and objectives of the Internship Program in the Department

The Internship Program (10 ECTS) aims at the effective students’ acquisition of professional experience on subjects related to the Department's Program of Studies and is also directly related to the labor market. It is an actual opportunity for students to cultivate professional skills, under guidance and supervision at the workplace, as well as an opportunity to strengthen personal qualifications and to ensure employability in the future. It promotes free and creative thinking, responsibility, cooperation, decision-making and adaptation to new situations.

The participation in the Internship Program is mandatory for obtaining the BSc degree. Its duration is 2 months (44 days) and it takes place on the fourth year (8th semester) of the study. The final overall grade of the Internship Program derives from the participation in the Program carried out in schools (1/3 pf the final mark), and by the participation in the Program carried out in other work agents (2/3 of the final mark).


teacher intership

The Internship Program takes place at:

  1. Secondary Education Schools, for a duration of 12 days, aiming at the experiential familiarization of the students with modern teaching practices and methodologies through their attendance and participation in classes of selected secondary education schools. Students who participate in the internship programme choose a school from the list of partner schools provided by the Internship Office. In the abovementioned context and having completed the program of attendance of Home Economics subjects and other related school subjects at the collaborating schools, the students are invited to conduct two (2) teaching lessons to the students of the collaborating school.

  2. Private sector’s workplaces, for a duration of 32 days, where students should, work in private sector’s agents of Economy, Special Needs Education, Counseling for Social Groups, Sustainable Tourism Forms, Art and Culture, Health Education, Nutrition, Environment, Consumer Behavior, Local and Regional Development. The aim of the internship programme in private organizations is to connect the final-year students with the labor market and to experientially familiarize them with the working environment. The selection of the Internship partners is based on the students' theoretical knowledge background and the need to apply this knowledge in the working environment. Students can choose from a list of affiliates or even propose themselves an Internship partner whose enterprise/work/business is related to the fields of the science of Home Economics and Ecology.


Preparation of the students for their participation in the Internship Program

Prior to the start of the Internship, the students should have successfully attended the compulsory unit "Home Economics Teaching", during which special seminars are organized for the preparation of the students for the implementation of the Practical Exercise and their unhindered and effective integration into the working environment. The topics of the seminars include information on the Department's Internship Program, as well as suggestions on skills, ways to improve and apply them in the broader professional field, personal characteristics that are useful in specific professional fields, personal branding and social networking, as well as preparing for work.

Since the Internship of the Department of Home Economics and Ecology is compulsory, the distribution of the students to the jobs offered by the hosts, taking into account students’ preferences, is based on the following two selection criteria:

  1. The percentage of unit passes by the student up to the 3rd year of study

  2. The average grade achieved by the student up to the 3rd year of study


Harokopio University Internship Office

Evanthia Andrikopoulou, Laboratory Teaching Staff

Student Welfare Building

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Despina Sdrali, Assistant Professor (Departmental Academic Leader)

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Maria Gousia-Rizou, Laboratory Teaching Staff (Departmental Academic Assistant)

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